Read About Ongoing Mental Health Services through Milestone Counseling during COVID-19

Milestone Counseling LLC has always been committed to providing mental health care in a clean and healthy environment. Although we are considered an essential business and have been allowed to continue in-person services throughout the state-sanctioned stay-at-home order, in March we opted to transition fully to telehealth to do our part in promoting social distancing. As our state begins to open back up, we feel it is important to promote not only physical health, but also mental health. There are many secondary consequences to continued social isolation that we are deeply concerned about. In light of that, we will be transitioning back to office-based sessions at Milestone Counseling in May and June.

Our health and safety protocols are meant to promote both physical and mental health during this time and include the following:

  • We have eliminated all fidget toys and other high touch items from our rooms and are following CDC recommended cleaning protocols daily and between clients.
  • If you would like to avoid the main café entrance, you may utilize the back door to enter and exit the facility. You may remain in your car and your clinician will meet you at the back door at your appointment time.
  • If you or anyone in your immediate family is ill, exhibiting symptoms, or has been exposed please do NOT come into the office. Please let us know ASAP if you are not able to make a scheduled appointment in order to avoid cancellation fees and so that we can plan accordingly.
  • In order to minimize the number of people in the office, please do NOT bring friends or family members who are not participating in the session except as needed for assistance.
  • We will continue to offer telehealth services as an option for your sessions if you prefer. Most insurance companies are covering this service through May 31, 2020.
  • Please double-check with your individual clinician for their specific availability (office vs telehealth) as this does vary by clinician.

Building milestones out of life’s challenges

milestone counseling




  1. a stone set up beside a road to mark the distance in miles to a particular place.
  2. an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.

Milestone Counseling was founded on a belief that life’s challenges can become milestone moments when given a new perspective. It’s the crisis that becomes an opportunity, the problem that leads to strength, the pain that fosters growth. Whether you’re just looking for guidance on life’s journey or light in the midst of darkness, you’ve come to the right place. Milestone Counseling is here to help you build milestone moments.

The importance OF

The Therapeutic Relationship

At Milestone Counseling, we believe that the therapeutic relationship (the partnership between therapist and client) is one of the most important components of effective therapy. In fact, research has proven this in numerous studies. We use only evidence-based treatment models including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavior Management, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy and Family Systems Therapy.


Evidence-based Treatment

We use only evidence-based treatment models including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavior Management, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy and Family Systems Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most effective types of therapy. CBT helps us recognize the connection between unhelpful thoughts, emotions and behaviors and empowers us to make changes in our negative thought patterns to improve how we feel. This is empowering because it doesn’t rely on things outside our control.

Learn more about CBT

Motivational Interviewing

We understand that not everyone who comes to therapy wants to be there. This could be the case with children or teenagers who may often be here because a parent made that choice. Motivational Interviewing is a counseling method that helps people become motivated to change the behaviors that are preventing them from making healthier choices and prepares them for other types of therapies.

Learn more about Motivational Interviewing

Family Systems Therapy

Family Systems Therapy is a type of therapy that helps individuals resolve their problems in the context of the family unit. It can be helpful for a variety of difficulties including anxiety, depression, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and ADHD.

Learn more about Family Systems Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy is built on a belief that you know what you need to do to improve your own life and, with the appropriate coaching and questioning, are capable of finding the best solutions. It is a goal driven, brief therapy that can stand alone or complement other types of therapy.

Learn more about Solution-Focused Therapy

Build your milestone moments

“Milestone counseling provides high quality and caring services to children & I especially appreciate their efficiency getting children in fast. They are good at what they do & I would trust them to care for my own children.”
– Referring Physician

“Milestone Counseling’s therapists are attentive and caring. They have counseled, challenged and shared the resources I needed to reach personal goals and set higher goals in my life. I highly recommend their services.”

“As a referring office, we utilize Milestone Counseling on a weekly basis. The referring process itself is so simple and Milestone is absolutely great to work with! From their compassion towards clients and their families, or their timely scheduling and office follow up, they truly are a respectable, caring, professional counseling practice.”

“Counseling with Lisa changed my life for the better. Support was provided to me in a welcoming and supportive manner. She gave me the listening ear that I desperately needed without judgment, and helped me face my challenges as a strong resource by my side. Her integrity and reliability saw me through a difficult time in my life, and I know I can always count on her to be there when I need additional help.”

“Lisa has helped my daughter and I work through things together. Lisa has taught us ways to cope, ways to communicate, and ways to overcome. I love that I learn something at every visit with Lisa and my daughter is finally coming out of her shell!”

“I have had a wonderful experience with Milestone Counseling.  My son has struggled for a couple years and Ms. Lisa has been so supportive.  Even when my son didn’t come she would see me and help work through the rough spots.  My son wouldn’t see any other counselor so thank God we found Ms. Lisa. My son started going willing and really is showing improvement and understanding of what he needs to do to stay healthy.  To be honest I felt like Ms. Lisa was the best thing that happened to our family.”

Ready to Schedule an Appointment?

New clients may schedule online. If there are no appointments available, we are currently on a wait for new clients. Please email to be placed on the wait list to schedule your first appointment.

Established clients, please use the Client Portal to schedule.



We’re happy to announce that logging into your Client Portal for Milestone Counseling will become easier and more secure because of a newly added Passwordless Login feature.

Beginning this week, instead of having to remember a password, you will:

  1. Click Existing Customer
  2. Enter the email address associated with your account
  3. Click Continue
  4. Check your email for a sign-in button, which is valid for 24 hours

When you click Sign In, the Client Portal will automatically open and sign you in. For your security, the unique link expires after one use.